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AMV BBDO created an immersive virtual reality experience for Thunderhead.  Building on the creative campaign that introduced ‘The Thunderhead’ character, the VR experience took people out of the real world and into Thunderhead’s realm, on a completely unique and magical journey, ‘Above the Clouds’. 

Launching at the Festival of Marketing, we used Oculus Rift to transport senior marketers on board Thunderhead’s ship, taking them on a metaphorical journey ‘Above the Clouds.’ Our aim was to educate marketers about the benefits of Thunderhead’s technology, and demonstrate how this allows them to listen to, engage with and learn about their customers.

Flying through a digital storm, visitors were given a unique overview of Thunderhead’s ability to gather real-time customer insights across the entire customer journey – from a multitude of online and offline channels – and turn it into clear, actionable data marketers can use to create value driven, relevant conversations. The immersive trip is a theatrical demonstration of the company’s approach to customer engagement and its unconventional take on B2B2C marketing.

Fully immersive, 360-degree graphics and binaural sound, helped create a storytelling experience to excite, enthral and engage people, explaining a complex product in simple and memorable terms.

Developed using Unreal Engine, a leading 3D games engine, AMV BBDO and Hammerhead VR, a virtual reality and immersive content studio created the Thunderhead Virtual Reality Experience that is also available as 360 video and 2D video on YouTube.

AMV also designed and produced 500 Thunderhead branded Google Cardboard headsets to give away to target delegates at the festival, so they cold go through the experience again at their leisure.

We have accumulated more than 85,000 views on YouTube 360 and Littlstar.

More than 2,000 people were taken through the experience in 2 days at The Festival of Marketing. More than 1/3 of all the delegates at FoM visited the #AboveTheClouds Experience room, making it the most visited room at the FoM by a mile!

Creative Director
Paul Brazier

Paul Brazier

Art Director
Paul Brazier

Account Director
Charlie Thompson, Krista Nelson, Laura Hazell

Rebecca Comer

Production company producer
Yush Kalia, Simon Windsor

App/digital production
Hammerhead VR

Media Agency
All Response Media

Audio Post Production