Guinness came to AMV BBDO with a problem; their global website,, was no longer fit for purpose, did not work on popular devices and was not being updated regularly.


Part of the task set to the XLab was to create something that showcased the amazing content associated with the iconic brand. This ranged from absorbing the user in the craft of brewing, the history of the brand and its diverse range of products, through to more practical content detailing cocktails and recipes using the variations of Guinness. The site also had to become the hub of the brand’s digital properties housing future campaigns, pulling in social feeds or showing a user where they could buy a product. 


The site had to be future proof and feel current so had to be supported by a flexible but user friendly content management system. 


The added layer of complexity was that the solution we found had to work for seventeen different markets, in nine different languages. The challenge in front of us was therefore more than creating a new website, it was to build a platform that had the ability to create seventeen diverse websites. The differences between local sites ranged from one market requiring an e-commerce store while another wanted to showcase their products in a unique way. Each site required large amounts of content to be created, the copy translated and bespoke visual assets to make sure each site felt true to the tone of the local market.

The XLab and AMV BBDO utilised the agency's expertise in strategy, creative direction, user experience, design, copywriting, project management and technical direction to guide this project from the initial brief through to delivery. This is not where the project ends however, with the XLab continuing to update, maintain and improve the site.

The site works on mobile, tablet and desktop as it is designed in a responsive way, something made more impressive when considering the modularity and flexibility of the CMS.

The final product is both intuitive and innovative, immersing users in a wealth of content in a way that feels unique to the brand. 

Lilian Sor

Steve Jones & Martin Loraine

Jamie Webber, Joana Flor, Danny Brooks, Joe Sloane

Account Management
Sam Williams, Kristiana Grant, Matt Flint, Marina Lanaghan

Interactive Director
Eric Chia

Digital Designers
Julia Merino, Emily Brennan

UX Lead
Glennis McGregor

Technical Director
Anthony Hughes

Tessa Pearson

Consulting Director
Niamh Power


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