Monster Mirror

Experiential / Face tracking

As part of the Pepsi Max Unbelievable content series we produced a Halloween installation that combined technologies in a never-been-done-before way that attracted PR, over 5 million video views across YouTube and Facebook.

We challenged ourselves to build a fully operational magic face-morphing mirror. We researched the limitations of what could be done and set to work assembling a team of some of the world’s leading designers, developers, academics and technologists. In collaboration we created the world’s first fully working 3D face-morphing mirror, using marker-less motion capture to track people’s faces moving in real-time. We used a combination of Faceshift software, Microsoft Kinect hardware and Unity 3D for modelling our monster masks – the result was shocking!

Account team
James Walker-Smith, Roz Lee, Ned Paterson

Richard Peretti, Gary Lathwell, Colin Jones, Phil Martin

Peter Zezulka

Ian Whittle, Richard Grisman, Christina Hermann, James Rowley

Third Party
RAD, AMV Flare