Time Tunnel

Experiential / Projection mapping

As part of the Pepsi Max Unbelievable content series we produced a time warp installation that combined projection technology, bespoke animation and a cool London railway arch setting in a never-been-done-before way that attracted PR, over 7 million video views across YouTube and Facebook, and went on to win various advertising awards.

Taking the public through the ages, we created a unique piece of equipment to manipulate the real-world environment. A fine gauze partition was stretched inside the tunnel on which advanced animations were projected from a pair of 20K projectors. Clever use of lighting, set dressing and perspective effects allowed for the technology to be hidden whilst being startlingly realistic.

Account team
James Walker-Smith, Roz Lee, Kristiana Grant

Richard Peretti, Gary Lathwell, Colin Jones, Phil Martin

Peter Zezulka

Ian Whittle, Christina Hermann, James Rowley

Third Party
Grand Visual, AMV Flare